27 Week Bumpdate:Third Trimester

Happy 27 weeks baby girl! This pregnancy is flying by and I had a mini freak out when I realized I was 27 weeks the other night. I was like HOW DID THIS HAPPEN? WHEN DID THIS HAPPEN? We were sitting on the couch and I just couldn't believe it. I thought I was just about 25 weeks, not 27! But now I'm going to start keeping better track and it was a nice reminder to really enjoy each day.

Baby Size: A Cauliflower and weighing about 2 pounds. Which is funny because we've been eating a lot of cauliflower lately!

Current Cravings: Coconut Bacon. For those of you who don't know what that is, it's a vegan bacon but not a fake soy bacon.. Its made out of coconut chips and it's delicious! Recipe here! 
I've gained 15 pounds so far with this pregnancy. I gained 15 pounds total with Olive and after I delivered I weighed my per-pregnancy weight and then continued to lose weight while nursing. I was a little surprised to already gain 15 this pregnancy but I'm happy with my weight gain so far because I actually have an appetite and baby girl is measuring really well. (a little small but I make small babies) I've definitely have noticed the weight gain this time especially in my booty, legs and face BUT I feel healthy and have been working out a few times a week. The weeks I work out I feel so great and have so much more energy so I've been trying to go at least 3 times a week. I mostly focus on cardio and a few weighted leg workouts.

 The Bump: Growing and expanding! This baby is much higher than Olive was already. Which it's been so weird to feel my organs being pushed up this time around. It feels like sparkling water... but in my ribs ALL day long. It's such an odd feeling and this is probably TMI? lol sorry!

Looking Forward To: Finishing our downstairs so I can stop stressing about it. Also just soaking up these last 3 months (or less) of pregnancy. I want to really take it all in, feeling her kicks but also just playing with Olive and going on dates with Austin. I'm of course looking forward to birth and think about it every day but since hitting my third trimester I just want time to slow down.

Meaningful moments: Feeling her kick through out the night. It's a nice little reminder that she's okay but also just makes me take a minute to talk to her.

Austin's Thoughts: Austin talks to her ALL the time. Anytime I'm laying down he's always talking to her. Recently he's been saying, "okay so we are going to count to 3 and when mama pushes you are going to come out!" I think we both don't want me to have to push for 2 and a half hours so we are coaching little P to come out easily.

Olive Thoughts: Olive's pretty much feeling the same. She's obsessed with babies. OBSESSED. She wants to see them, play with them and sing to them. She carries a baby with her everywhere and we think that she is going to want to take care of her baby sister. We will probably be fighting Olive to actually hold baby sister because she will want to hog her. At least that is what we are hoping for.

My dress is from Thistle & Finn. I'm loving the new maternity line they are carrying. A lot of their "normal" clothing fits really well with a growing bump but I love having the option of maternity!