Nom-Maternity Giveaway!

 I don't always wear maternity clothes but when I do, you better bet they are going to be super comfortable and extra soft! I wanted to pop in and share more about the outfits we are wearing from my Instagram post last night. Above I'm wearing the Aria Hoodie from Nom Maternity but I also have the Mimi Tee in Slate and its a total keeper. I love that both pieces don't scream maternity and go well with my wardrobe but I'll also be able to wear them after baby without them looking too big. Make sure to head over to my Instagram and enter to win a $75 shop credit for yourself!

And now for Olive's little OOTD! She is wearing clothes from one of my favorite shops ever called Rose and Bell Clothing. She has a few outfits from her shop and they are also super comfortable and SO cute I keep putting her in them. Which funny story, she sometimes fights me on getting dressed but when she see's any of the clothes from Rose and Bell she is 100% fine with putting them on. She must remember how soft they are when shes wearing them. She was totally crying in these photos as you can see her little tears above because she kept running away from us and we had to keep telling her that it wasn't a game. Gosh, being a toddler has to be hard. One times its okay to play chase, like at the park or at home and the next time when we are downtown and its busy its not okay!