Easy Protein Bars with Pure Goodness

Happy Monday! I just wanted to drop in really fast to share this protein bar recipe we've been making over here on repeat. It tastes just like pecan pie and they are quick and easy to whip up. I've been meaning to share for weeks but haven't gotten around to taking photos while we make them so here is a photo of Olive sharing one of her bars with me back when she still had that huge scab on her forehead. 

We have recently been trying products out from Pure Goodness and I have to share that I've fallen in food-love with this company. Their products are minimally processed, free of GMO's and any artificial ingredients, flavors, and colors. It gets better, For every 1 product bought 1 meal is donated to a child in need. A company after this mama's heart! We incorporated their Protein Nut Butter into this recipe that is adapted from Minimalist Baker . We also have their Powdered Peanut Butter that I like to sprinkle on everything and I was super impressed with their Whole Food Supermeal. 

  • 2  cups rolled gluten free oats
  • 1 cup raw pecans
  • 1 1/2 heaping packed cup pitted dates
  • 3 Tbsp chia seeds
  • 3 Tbsp sunflower seeds 
  • 3 Tbsp flax seeds
  • 3 Tbsp hemp seeds
  • 1/4 cup maple syrup
  • 1/4 cup creamy salted natural peanut butter 
  • 1/4 cup Pure Goodness Protein Nut Butter (great amount of protein) 
  1. Toast your oats + pecans for 10 minutes on 350
  2. Process dates in food processor. If your dates are on the harder side try soaking them in hot water for 10 minutes or blending with a tiny bit of water. Mine always get stuck so I always have to soak them
  3. Place oats + nuts + dates + seeds all in bowl
  4. Heat peanut butter, protein nut butter and maple syrup in a pan and stir together.
  5. Pour over nut/seed/oat mixture and combine well
  6. Line sheet tray with parchment paper (or coconut oil if your unfancy like me and never have parchment paper) flatten bars and toss in the freezer or fridge to set for 15-20 minutes.
  7. Cut bars into desired size and store in fridge or freezer or eat them all in the same day.

    Let me know if you end up making these or trying any of the Pure Goodness Products and if you'd be interested in our Vegan Peanut Butter Pancake Recipe.


You can buy them from Amazon! 1,2,3