Bumpdate: 33 Weeks

We are sticking true to our pink theme these days and twirling our little hearts out. Olive has started singing a lot more and its the cutest thing in the world. If I'm singing, she'll sing or if someone in a movie is she'll start belting it and look at you for approval. Her pitch is so high and cute I can barely handle it. She is my total girly girl who loves to snuggle but is also SO silly. She is such a lover and is so kind I can't wait to see how she is with the baby.

Baby Size:  A pineapple! I'm still hanging out between the 15 and 20-pound weight gain. I've lost weight at my last few appointments which is random since I haven't worked out in the last month but baby girl is still growing perfect. August has been such a hard month. I haven't felt much this entire pregnancy about having two kids or giving Olive a sibling and all the sudden it hit me so hard. I was crying every day and feeling so many feelings about it all. I think I felt like I was losing Olive and that when I have the baby I won't get to spend time with her and Austin reminded me that Olive is my little BFF and she's going to be right by my side helping me and loving on me and baby sister. Yes, they'll be times when Austin will take Olive out and give me some space with the baby but he reminded me that I'm not losing Olive and that helped me calm down and become excited again.

Current Cravings: Balsamic Dressing. Not a huge craving but it's oddly satisfying. 

 The Bump: So fun! Our little P girl is making herself known more and more. I feel like she moves more during the day than Olive did and she likes to really hide up under my ribs. This dress above and my orange romper below are my two favorite pieces in my closet right now. Both are non-maternity and fit so well. I'm really in a style rut right now and want to sell so many of my clothes and buy a whole new color pallet. I keep reminding myself to wait until after the baby comes because I'll probably change my mind again.

Looking Forward To: Our home visit! Our downstairs is SO close to being done and I'm excited for it to be finished so I can let me nesting go in full force. Right now we have so many random things everywhere that I'm going insane. I'm feeling that "I MUST ORGANIZE EVERYTHING RIGHT NOW" feeling so excited to actually be able to do that soon.

Meaningful Moments: Olive acknowledges baby P every day. She sings, talks and tries to feed her a bottle. Sometimes she randomly points to her belly and says baby P's name but when she's "playing" with my belly she really seems to understand. I've been making sure to tell her that "her baby sister is going to come out of mamas belly and drink mama's milk and that she can hold her and sing to her" Besides that, when I actually get the chance to nap it feels like a meaningful moment! I'm sleeping less and less at night but recently added 3 more pillows to our bed and that has helped so much. My friend recently told me about taking a spoonful of honey when I wake up to help me fall back to sleep so I am going to start that and I'll let you know how that goes next week!

My Pink Dress is from MIRTH Craftans and Olives Cute outfit is from Angeli Bebe and our shoes are from Soft Star Shoes