Early Fall Afternoons with Gathre

My Dress: Piper & Scoot Olives Outfit: Romper: D Is For Darling Jacket: Lily & Beau Shoes: Starry Knight Design

Over the weekend we had the most glorious fall breeze roll in. Unfortunately, it is now in the 80's again but it was amazing while it lasted. If you've been a follower for a while you know that for me, Fall is just the most romantic time of the year. Everything feels magical and extra beautiful. Life feels so full and my heart is 100% content. 

So at the very first signs of fall both Austin & I get excited. (I've totally turned him into a fall loving type of guy as well) We've been talking about slowing down a lot lately and how we want this next season to be a time of stillness. Life only gets faster and faster and we both kind of feel like we lived the summer in fast forward so we want to be intentional about slowing down, saying no more and embracing our family. We are waiting on baby girls arrival and soaking up these last few weekends of just a family of 3. We took our new Gathre Mat to the park the other evening with some books and popcorn and just ran around and enjoyed the glowly sun. Olive was cracking us up because she loves popcorn so dang much. She kept feeding it to us and running to go play and remembering there was popcorn and running back over to grab a handful. 

Toddlers sure make you slow down, especially when your 38 weeks pregnant. So I've really enjoyed taking it easy and just watching her play and reading her a million books every day. Her romper is from my new line D Is For Darling! We are officially taking pre-orders if you want to head over to that site and take a peak around and follow up on social media! All pre-order prices are listed at a discount! Her jacket is from the cutest shop called Lily & Beau and you can use code STEPH20 for 20% off your order and our Gathre Mat is from their new dreamy fall collection! You can head over to my personal Instagram for a giveaway tonight! 7 pm Mountain time!