Maternity Photos!

Every time we get photos taken, I realize that we never do it enough. I easily put it on the back burner since we are constantly taking photos for my blog/Instagram and clients. But when we do take the time and get photos done I absolutely love looking through them and seeing how someone else captures us as a family. I always get so nervous and feel so awkward in front of the camera so I fully expect to hate them all. So when Karen from Elan Photography Studio dropped these in my inbox, I cried happy tears! She sent me so many that I just love and I'm excited to print out. This season is all about embracing the last few weeks (ahem hopefully days) as a family of 3 while being super excited for our sweet baby girls arrival. I love that the photos are centered around Olive's joy and a few moments of us and baby. I'm so thankful for my sweet family and to be able to grow another life inside my body. That is something I will never take for granted and with each pregnancy, it gets sweeter. 

I'm at the point of getting texts and phone calls daily asking how I'm doing or if I'm in labor. And to be honest, I really don't mind being pregnant, its the longing for the "new season" to begin part that gets me. I love being pregnant ... except the not sleeping part but I feel like we are stuck in this limbo. Where we wonder when this giant change will come and feel ready for it yet we are content with how our lives are right now. It's such an odd place to be in. I know she will come at the perfect time and I'm just going to keep bouncing on my birth ball to help push her along.


My dress is non maternity from Vici and Olives knit dress is from J Harlow & Co