Mama & Me Style

Did you end up making goals for the New Year? I have a few simple ones but nothing huge. I really just want to be more focused this year. I tend to do a million things at once and I do those things "okay" but not "great". I want to refocus and do a few things and be really great at them instead of a million and just be okay!

Austin and I have some pretty big goals for our relationship. Things like to communicate better, go on more dates. Choose to move towards each other instead of away with every action we take. 

I want to dive into the Bible more. I cant remember the last time I really spent time with the lord like that and I miss it. My friends told me about The Passion Translation, I'm really looking forward to diving into that.

I want to go somewhere new. Originally we were planning on going to Europe in the Fall but we really want to buy our DREAM house in 2019 so I think we might just try and save save save! But we did book a trip to Portland in March and I'm so excited, Portland has been on my list for a lonnnnnnnng time.

The rest are your normal goals like drink more water, get my body moving a few times a week. fun stuff like that. Instead of making huge drastic changes I'm trying to make small daily changes and give myself extra extra grace! What about you? Do you have a Word or Goal for 2018?

Also, a blog goal is to bring you some more mama + me style posts! My jumper is from a cute store called The Stockplace. Isn't the color amazing?!If you're not already following them you should be! I have a few pieces I just LOVE from them that I'll be sharing on this series next week too. Plus you need to go check out their shoe section, it's SO good! I love finding online shops that are affordable, mom-friendly but also full of so many cute things! 

Olives outfit is from Zara + Target and she insisted on wearing Pearl's hat! Shes been picking out her clothes lately (with a little help) and its such (mostly) a fun part of our day! Happy Weekend Friends.