Goals, Routines and Mental Health!!

Hey Ladies! So, I've talked about this before, but I wanted to write a little post about "ME time" and what I do for myself for the sake of my own mental health and the small goals I'm making each day to try and help organize our lives.

First let's start with alone time, as a mom it doesn't happen much. We are constantly thinking about our kiddos in some way or another or when they go to sleep usually we spend time with our husbands or friends or doing something like cooking or cleaning. I've tried really hard to make time for myself over the last two years. At first, I felt guilty, and sometimes I still do but I think ALL mamas can tell you that alone time is needed! So here are a few things I do by myself for my own sanity. 

  • Take a bath and either play a game on my phone or read a book. Sometimes I like to just play a game so I don't have to think about anything at all. Baths are my love language and fill my cup up so I do these often. 
  • Run an errand by myself. Technically I'm still doing something, but getting to go alone without taking a child with me feels dang good! I usually get myself a coffee or tea and take extra time roaming the aisles. 
  • Go thrifting by myself
  • Going to the gym. This one has been a huge game changer for Austin & I. We are both 100x happier having a gym membership with gym care. It feels scary at first, but your kiddos will be fine! Most of the time we go separately but sometimes we go together and workout and sit in the hot tub and talk! It's like a mini date. Sometimes we take Olive to the pool after our workouts too so double points for alone time + married time + family time!
  • Going to lunch by myself. ( I love this one)
  • Getting a pedicure (THE BEST)
  • Getting a facial. I've gotten facials on and off for the past year and love them so much! I'd rather get a facial than a massage any day! 

    If your not part of a gym, try to hit up a yoga class when your spouse is home or drop the kids off at your families and go to lunch by yourself. Austin has a flexible schedule so that really helps but most of the time I go out or do things by myself after the girls are asleep. It works best for us that way, but I have friends who's husbands are home in the mornings sometimes so they go out by themselves then! Do what you gotta do! hire a sitter for a few hours, start a mom swap with some friends you trust and take turns watching each other's kids 1 time a week for 2-3 hours so you don't have to hire a sitter.  Find some way to fill your cup up, so you can come home and continue to pour into your loved one's lives! 

    Okay and now onto organized and small goals! You guys, I hate routines and my entire life I've always been able to remember everything. If I had to be somewhere I would remember and now my mom's brain is FIRECE and my kids have eaten up all the space I use to have to remember.  Because our lives are so much more FULL I've been forced to try and schedule our lives. With that being said I've been making very small daily goals to help organize our home and lives overall. 

Small Goals are like 

  • Organize Olives Dresser
  • Clean the top of the fridge
  • Fold one load of laundry (I certainly don't try and tackle it all)
  • Call my grandparents
  • Clean a junk drawer
  • Print photos
  • Meal Plan (thats a topic for another post)

    Small goals like that around the house, so I don't get overwhelmed. Since having the girls I get overwhelmed pretty easily and it almost paralyzes me to where I sit and just stress about all the things that need to be done instead of starting to accomplish them. I've also learned that I am a very unorganized person... so I've been trying to purge, and organize our home little by little each day. 

    Other small goals/routines are:
  • take my vitamins once a day (I've been absolutely awful at this)
  • drink more water
  • go to the chiropractor on Tuesdays & Thursdays
  • Go to Bare class on Mondays and Fridays
  • Take Olive to Kids Class on Wednesdays
  • Make sure to give Pearl a bath (lol)

    My main focus is to slowly get our lives into a routine and slowly organize our home and overtime all the routines and organization will be our new normal. I realize this season of our lives is very BUSY and that will change and look different over the years but I'm finding the more scheduled I am, the more focused I am and less overwhelmed. My Goal is to be 100% present with the task that I'm doing when I'm doing it instead of getting completely stuck in my head and shutting down. I know these all may seem like very small changes and to some of you, routines and organization may come easy. But for me it doesn't, it makes me cringe! But I decided that this year I can be better so that way my head is clearer and overall my mental health is better and my goal is to stop having weekly meltdowns from being stressed with little tasks. 

    A great tool to stay organized is this app Google has. It's called Asana. I'm still working on using it every day and figuring it out. But it's an amazing resource to keep grocery lists and appointments. Any task that pops into your head you can jot down really fast in the app and even schedule reminders. I like that you can access it on your computer and phone and you can even assign tasks to your husband. Austin sends me his Keto grocery lists through Asana, that way while I'm at the store I can simply check them off one by one. I've sent him tasks like "pick up new windshield wiper blades. It's nice because then little things like that don't get lost in text messages or you dont wake up at 3am like "CRAP I forgot this"

    What about you? Does organization come easy? Or do you have to work at it? Or what are some ways you stay organized?

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