1,2,3 months of Pearl!

3 months of our #dreambabypearl have come and gone faster than ever. She is for sure a dream baby and pretty much goes with the flow of our lives. She is sweet to her core and so dang lovable. (Pictures go from the day she was born - 3 months)

At 3 months old she nurses like a champ, weighing in at 12 and a half pounds and she's trying to roll over. She's on a flexible schedule and for the most part, she sleeps in her crib for naps and bed and wakes up a few times a night. She loves to be held and her favorite thing is eye contact. She searches the room for someone to lock eyes with her and then gives the biggest smiles. She's starting to laugh and it will melt even the coldest of hearts! We've loved getting to know her and I can't wait to get to know her more as she grows. She has been our peace in this time of crazy and I'm so insanely grateful for her.  

P.S we slept with Olive till she was 10 months old so to not co-sleep with Pearl is a very odd feeling. It took me some time to get over but she sleeps so much better in her own space. I do pull her into bed from time to time to snuggle those chunky cheeks but then I usually don't sleep as well. 

And for all you mams trying to get your babe on a schedule have grace for yourself! We go off a baby wise schedule but without crying-it-out. Although, we do let her fuss for a few minutes to see if she is really awake or not. She also eats every 2 hours and sometimes I do nurse her to sleep even though I try to lay her down before she falls fully asleep. I think the key to scheduling is finding what works best for you and trying to stick with it for 3-5 days and if it just isn't working, relax and start new tomorrow! They are only little for such a short time, so try hard not to compare with other babies you see on social media and soak up your baby for exactly who they are every day because they change way to fast.

Our schedule starts at 8 AM:

  • 8 AM awake, eat, play
  • 9 AM sleep
  • 10 AM  awake, eat, play
  • 11 AM sleep
  • 12 PM awake, eat, play
  • 1 PM sleep
  • 2 PM awake, eat, play
  • 3 PM sleep
  • 4 PM  awake, eat, play
  • 5 PM sleep
  • 6 PM awake till 7:40 then do bedtime routine put down at 8 pm.
  • 10 PM or 11 PM dream feed 

Since I am trying to help her sleep longer than an hour at a time, I don't wake her. My goal is to get her to eat every 3 hours so that way she is taking 2-hour naps instead of the 1-hour naps she is taking now. So sometimes she sleeps longer than an hour and as soon as she wakes up I feed her and let her stay up an hour then she goes back down so our schedule is flexible and I try my best to follow her lead!