A Few Tips For Taking Family Photos

We recently got our photos back from a fun session with Katya Isabell and I love them so much! I did a little poll on Instagram asking what you wanted to know about family photos and the most asked question was how to put together family outfits. So below are 3 tips on family photos and the last one I expand on choosing outfits.

First off, have fun! No… but really, have a lot of fun. As a mama, I know I can stress out about these types of things and I’ve learned that my entire family reacts negatively to my stress…even if I think I’m hiding it… I’m not lol. So just go with an open mind! Have fun with your kids, spin them, throw them up in the air, sing silly songs and don’t feel pressured to make them look at the camera the entire time. I personally think the best photos are the ones when your little family unit is just doing your thing and enjoying each other.

If you have a specific photo in mind, make sure to communicate that to your photographer. I personally never really need 1 photo of us all looking at the camera, but if that is something that is important to you make sure to say it and then do your best to help. So if your kiddos will do it first thing great, get it out of the way and then play… or if your family needs some time to warm up, play and sing the silly songs and then ask everyone to smile at the camera. Just make sure to communicate so your not disappointed.

Plan your outfits! As a photographer, my biggest bummer is when clients show up to a shoot and you can tell they didn’t think twice about what everyone wore. That may sound harsh, but it’s true! If you're having trouble figuring out what to wear, ask your photographer for help and suggestions. Here are a few of my own personal tips I go to when putting together family outfits.

1. Start with 1 persons outfit and build off that. For instance, I knew I wanted Olive to wear those little pants so I built everyone’s outfit around hers. My dress tied in with the tones of her outfit and then Pearlys dress tied in with Austins. Usually, husbands are the hardest to dress. So I’d say start with either what you feel amazing in and build or start with something you love your husband in and build off that. 2. Its okay to break the rules, Honestly, the days of everyone wearing the same color pants and shirt are gone and I hope they never come back. Usually, I wouldn’t have Austin + Olive wearing the same color shirt… because I don't want their bodies to look like blobs next to each other, but this time it’s what worked for everyone. 3. Don’t be afraid to dress up! I feel like so often people just want to keep it casual, but if you're going through the trouble of getting photos in the first place why not dress up a bit! Seriously, I dare you for your next photos not to wear jeans and to get even just a little bit fancy! Truth is, when you feel amazing, you photograph amazing!

I hope you are able to let go of the stress that can surround family photos and start enjoying them!

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