3 reasons I'm a jumpsuit kind of girl

  1. Quick & Easy! First things first, I try my best to get ready every day. It helps create a routine and I feel like it teaches Olive responsibility. We get dressed, brush our teeth and do our hair every morning when Pearl is sleeping. I love making easy choices and for me jumpsuits are easy. It’s 1 piece I just slip on and don’t have to worry about matching or tucking or anything.

  2. Nursing friendly! Most of my jumpsuits are nursing friendly and the ones that aren't I save for workdays or date nights! I love how 1 piece can be simple enough for me to feel great in and also be able to nurse without hassle.

  3. Comfort! I feel most comfortable and confident when I’m rocking a jumpsuit. They are my jam. They make a statement without being too crazy out there (even though when I have to pee I’m sitting there basically naked lol.) Here’s the key though, if you’re into jumpsuits never buy one that is uncomfortable. Actually never buy anything your even slightly uncomfortable in because it will sit in your closet forever. There's a difference in clothes fitting awkward and being uncomfortable and being a little insecure because of something new. So if you're new to jumpsuits take your most honest blunt trusted friend shopping with you and try on all the things and shell give you the honest boost you need to feel your best in whatever you choose.

Not Perfect Linen is a brand I LOVE. Everything they create is made with such intention and purpose and the quality can’t be beat! They are the opposite of Fast Fashion so their prices are a little higher, but I wear mine on the regular and feel my great in their pieces! If your looking to invest in a quality amazing piece this is the company you won't regret purchasing from! Each piece comes in 34 different colors and make sure to read their sizing. Everything they make is made to run loose, I usually get a Small. I’m 5’6 and 118 pounds. (in the dresses I usually get an XS depending) Here are a few other shops I get my jumpsuits from!

The Stock Place
Brimm Boutique
Pepper Place Design