Gifts for a 1 year old

Hey Friends! We got so many fun toys for Pearls 1st birthday and I got a lot of messages asking to put together a list. So, here you go! These are most of the gifts we got for P from friends and family. They are all from Amazon, I’ll post another one of my favorite small shop toys tomorrow and favorite books as well.

xx - Stephanie

  1. Drum

  2. Music Set . I think music toys at this age are so fun!

  3. Bamboo bowl. This line is so lovely and timless! We have switched out all our random plastic to bamboo and it’s refreshing!

  4. Tap Bench

  5. Music Cube Pearl dances to this and its so cute!

  6. Wooden Toy Cars adorable for girls and boys!

  7. Musical Eggs These are Pearls favorite and we bring them in the car or on walks

  8. Stainless Steel Cups Perfect and functional for kiddos!

  9. Y-Bike My inlaws got Pearl this y-bike and its so cute to see her scoot around the house and learn to balance! It comes in a few colors.

  10. Toy Tobbles