Nursing Wear with Kindred Bravely

Hey friends! Today I’m sharing a company called Kindred Bravely. A clothing company that is packed with gear for all us brave mamas out there. They offer a variety of bras, underwear, tops & bottoms, pajamas, robes and cute hospital socks. I’m showing you some of my favorites below!

Let’s talk about breastfeeding. Breastfeeding alone is such a sacrifice. It takes commitment and sometimes a lot of determination to keep going. Everyone’s journey is different and each baby is different. For me, it’s full of connection and love and maybe a few frustrating times like when the stage of nurse-nastics hits and baby can’t stop wiggling or looking around but they get really mad if you try to stop nursing.. But I love it and choose to press on during the frustrating times because the bond outweighs the negative in my experience.

In steps, nursing wear! I usually make do with what I have, a lot of stretching collars down and pulling up things but recently I have fallen in love with the idea of Pajamas. I know that sounds silly but I read this book (Present Over Perfect) where she talks about having pajamas and why it’s important to change into them each day and it hit home for me. I am now a pajama lover and Kindred Bravely has the softest set I’ve ever worn! They are nursing friendly with a little flap you can pop the goods out of. If I’m being honest, its 1 pm on a Thursday while I’m writing this and I’m still in mine. I want to be like Oprah and give one to everyone! (I can’t quite do that but I can offer you guys a discount code below)

In this set above I’m wearing the Emmaline Maternity/Nursing Robe. It’s silky soft, femmine and makes me feel beautiful. If I ever have a Hospital birth, this will 100% be in my bag. I know looks aren’t everything but after you have a baby and are in the trenches of motherhood I truly feel like it’s the little things that boost your self esteem and this robe is one of them! Easy for nursing and lounging and all around comfortable. Add it to your list ladies and I promise you won’t regret it!

As a mom, I feel like its easy to put our needs/wants on the backburner. We can easily sacrifice whatever you want for our families needs and I just wanted to remind you, it’s okay to do something for yourself! It’s okay to buy something for you or even want something new for yourself. When I upgraded my nursing bras from the horrible too small one I bought it made a world of a difference for our nursing journey and it mattered. Sometimes I feel like the culture of motherhood is to sacrifice sacrifice sacrifice but you can’t give from an empty cup and though, I think your cup should be filled by lots of other things besides items you can buy, it’s okay to buy things and feel good about them!

I posted these sets on instagram while they were on super sale but if you missed it,I get to offer my followers 20% off sitewide. Use code STEPH20 for 20% off your order! You can shop HERE.