They See Us Strollin'

Hey Friends! We have been loving Garden of the Gods lately. We took a long break from driving through it, too long of a break and now it’s where I’m wanting to shoot all the sessions and personal shoots! I have fallen back in love with the views and the contrasting rocks. It’s just really nice to get outside and run around even if it is a little chilly when the sun sets. We have a lot to be thankful for living in this beautiful state!

Today I'm sharing about our Contours Bitsy Compact Fold Stroller! They sent us over this stroller to try out and it was perfect timing since we’ve been looking for something compactable to travel with. This stroller is ultra- lightweight, clicks open with one hand and can actually fit in most overhead airplane bins, so you wouldn’t even have to check it. As soon as we opened it the girls fought over who got to push who.. which was quite a site to see since Pearl can’t really talk. I’m personally excited for it not to take up my entire trunk since it folds down so small.

We took it for a spin the other day and Pearl gave it a total thumbs up. I think she really just digs the sleek design lol. No, really I dig the sleek design, price and that it's adjustable so babe can lay back or sit up in it. Now if only my children would take naps in strollers haha. If you’re in the market for a stroller this one is currently 20% off and rides as smooth as a cadillac. You can shop it online at

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