Girls Top Amazon Picks

You guys have asked me for some more Amazon picks so I rounded up a few cute ones above! Usually I like to order before I recommend, but I have checked the reviews on these or know someone who has ordered but as always you should read the reviews too!

  1. Fleece Hoodie, Comes in cream or this blush pink. (my sister has it and said its gold!)

  2. Ribbed Pajamas They come in 10 colors and are unisex!

  3. Our favorite corduroy shorts! Comes in 3 colors.

  4. Jacket comes in 2 colors (by the same seller as the hoodie) so dang cute! I have it in my cart.

  5. Easy layering Dress comes in 4 colors!

  6. Ribbed long sleeve onesie

  7. Suspender Skirt That color though!

  8. Knee high socks, we’ve had these forever and use them for both girls.

  9. Velvet Romper comes in 2 colors