Lets Be Honest Mamas: Flu Season

Happy Tuesday Friend! We are back with another installment from the Let's be Honest Mama Series. If you're new around here, Kacie from elementsofellis.com puts together some awesome questions every few months for the Let’s Be Honest Mama’s Post's a group of us all answer and share. This way it shares insight from all different perspectives. This month we are sharing tips to staying healthy during the winter and how we fight off sickness.

1. Nobody wants their child to catch a cold or flu. Do you have any tips or tricks for preventing the flu from hitting your house?

A clean diet, full of unprocessed foods will keep your gut healthy and immune system boosted! I know it can be hard in the winter to want to eat all the junk food, but keep eating fresh organic fruits and veggies and your immune system will thank you! We also all take probiotics. I use the brand Jarrow.

We use Sovereign Silver to keep our immune systems up and at the first sign of any sickness we make sure to take it every day. You can find it on Amazon (Here) and we also spray it on us when we go the gym or any sort of children's museum or zoo. Here is an article that explains it far better than I can. HERE

 We also diffuse Thieves from Young Living and we use all of the Thieves household cleaning products. Thieves, in my opinion, is the best essential oil ever! It can be used for so much and fights infection and germs better than anything I know off! Here's a great blog post to read that has tons of information. HERE

We also just make sure to wash our hands. After Olive got sick on her Birthday I realized that we certainly did not wash our hands enough and how we were carrying all of those germs with us everywhere.

EDIT: Oscillococcinum is another great homepathic alternitive when it comes to the flu as well as taking Elderberry syrup during the colder months to boost your immunity!

2. Some parents rush their children to the doctor at the first sign of being sick or injured, while others choose to take care of the situation at home. Which category do you fall into and when do you know it's time to see a doctor?

If the girls catch something we pretty much just take it easy and stock up on some good soup full of veggies and some extra probiotics. If they get a fever we know that, that's a good sign that their body is already doing what its supposed to do to get better. So we just monitor their fevers and go from there. The only time we've taken Olive to the doctor in a rushed state is when we both were convinced she had a bladder infection, but they assured us she didn't. Both girls have never been on an antibiotic or even had Tylenol.

Did you know your immune system is linked to your gut? Did you know your babies guts are considered "open" 

"This means the spaces between the cells of the small intestine will allow large molecules to pass directly into their bloodstream. Consequently, as well as the beneficial antibodies in breastmilk passing into baby’s bloodstream, allergy-triggering proteins from other foods, disease-causing pathogens, and other nasties can also pass through."

This is why we delayed feeding and didn't start giving Olive solids until around 10 months old and no grains until her molars came in around 18 months. This is also why we chose not to give her antibiotics.

Heres a few articles below just to get you reading more.
1. Why your babies Gut Bacteria is so important
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Also if you live in Colorado Springs, We see a Holistic Nutrionalist who has helped us anytime the girls have come down with something. Even something like poison ivy! If you're wanting more information about Homeoprophylaxis (what we use instead of vaccinating) Or if you or your child is dealing with lots of allergies and gut issues reach out! Pikes Peak Homeopathy.

3.  Are you an advocate for the flu vaccine or do you choose to skip it? Why?

The Flu shot is a sensitive subject but we are not for it. It is filled with so many harmful toxic chemicals like formaldehyde that it is too big of a risk our bodies to get it. (listed on the CDC website) The Influenza virus jumps from host to host and the shedding period for The Flu Shot is insane this year, causing this season to be one of the worst Flu Seasons ever recorded. (Shedding means how long you are contagious for after you receive a vaccine periodHere are 3 resources about vaccines to read up on so you can make an educated decision.

1. National Vaccine Information Center
2. Vaccine Adverse Event Reporting System
3. World Mercury Project

and you can watch The Truth About Vaccines Series for free

4.For solidarity, share your worse flu story. Have you been thrown up on? Did one flu bug cycle through your entire family causing you to have weeks of taking of a sick child (or husband)? Let all the moms reading this know they're not alone in the struggles of taking care of sick children.

Olive got the flu for the first time over her 2nd birthday and it was pretty sad. At first, we thought she had food poisoning because Austin accidentally gave her these beans that he makes homemade with beef bones (he wasn't thinking very clearly since she's a vegan) and we thought the enzymes from the bones upset her stomach. Because she woke up in throw up but was acting completely normal. But it was 100% the flu and then my family came and visit and one by one each of them got taken down. Even though we got our house cleaned and used bleach. Somehow Austin and I didn't get sick, but I'm going to call that the biggest blessing of the year and thank probiotics. 

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