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Hi Friends! I'm so excited to be talking about bed basics with The Company Store today. If you've been following for a while you know that my love for my bed runs deep. You know how people are home-bodies, well I'm a complete bed-body. If I can find any excuse to be in my bed I will. Austin often makes fun of me and wont allow us to have a tv in our room for this exact reason, but I think he secretly loves our bed just as much as I do. Sometimes when we go to bed and don't completely pass out from exhaustion we catch up on some pillow talk and its my absolute favorite. I could sit and chat away in bed all day so it always makes me feel so loved when we can catch up our day while falling asleep in the comfort of our own bed.

Here's my suggestion to building the most comfortable bed, so that when you get in it to go to sleep you get the best nights sleep ever. Even if you are waking up in the middle of the night with little babies.

First sheets, I personally love to add a little bit of color into our bedrooms. Our entire house is white (which I love), so I often add pops of oranges and pinks throughout and fill rooms with lots of texture to add more depth. I'm currently crushing on this Mica Organic Percale Bedding in Clay. It has the lightest diamond pattern and is certified organic. 

Then my favorite piece to choose for our bed was our down comforter. I absolutely love that The Company Store Offers a variety of organic options. So we drawn to the organic down comforter that is also certified under the Responsible Down Standard. (Incase you didn't know the Responsible Down Standard protects the welfare of the geese and ducks that provide the feathers). We went with a medium fill since we live in Colorado. The winters can start later but also last all the way through May with 78 degrees in-between the snow days so we want to be warm but not sweating. We also chose to go with medium because we think it gets the perfect amount of weight to our down comforter. The Organic Down Comforter is also stitched with 12 boxes that prevent the down from moving around which has been our biggest complaint with previous downs. It's truly a dream, after about a week Austin said "Steph, you finally did it, you found our dream comforter!"

The last piece to add to your bed basics would be the perfect pillows. Keeping up with the best quality, I'd go with the Organic Down Pillows. You can choose soft, medium, firm and extra firm and they have a lifetime guarantee and are hypoallergenic. I 

These basics are a total win in my book. I think its so easy to put something as simple as bedding on the backburner but when you actually do your research and choose quality over quantity I promise you'll end up sleeping much better and truly happy to get into bed. The company Store is offering a friends & family sale until April 29th with code PL20FS18 for 20% off + free shipping! So if you've put your bedding on the backburner now's the time for a spring refresh!