Mommy & Me

Happy Monday! I wanted to pop in and share these cute outfits, Pass me all the pink and matching please I can't believe it's been over a month since I last shared our mommy and me outfits on the blog! This month has been colder than usual for Springtime in Colorado but it's certainly warmer here than it was in Chicago last week. So we will take what we can get! 

These cute tees are from The Ever Co, and are so soft. The Ever co has such cute slogans! There's a cute little crewneck that says "txt me later" I have my eye for Olive too. I am a sucker for a super soft tee that can be paired with so much.  You've probably seen these pants on my Instagram quite a few times too because they are my go to right now. They are from The Stock Place HERE and there's a few left! I've been pairing them with a black turtleneck or a fun tee like this to transition from season to season. 

Even though it will probably snow again I'm taking out all my Spring Clothes later today and I wanted to share how I will be going through them! 

First, I will pack up all my winter clothes expect 2 sweaters since I know Mother Nature will grace us with at least a few more snowy days. Then I'll pull out all my spring clothes and put them in a pile from

1. Yes, I love this: meaning it fits great, I can wear it often and it flows with my style.

2. Maybes, This means that I probably have some sort of emotional attachment to it but don't wear it enough or it doesn't fit right but I keep hanging onto it. 

3. Give away or donate! This is either items that are too worn or that have sat in my closet and I never wear and are taking up space I don't have #sharingaclosetproblems

I will say, I do have a few pieces that are really special that I keep tucked away or I keep maternity clothes tucked away too. Next, I donate or giveaway the 3rd pile and I put the maybe pile in the front of my closet so I can not make a super rash decision. Do you go through your closet and tuck away clothes from different seasons? I'd love to know your tips &tricks! 

My outfit: Shirt: The Ever Co, Pants: Stockplace, Shoes: Brick & Main Co (use code STEPH15 for 15% off)

Olives: Skirt: Target Shirt: The Ever Co, Vans: Thrifted

Pearls: Shirt: The Ever Co, Bloomers: Beckaloo , Sling: Elbe Baby