Bedtime Routines


Let's chat about bedtime! Bedtime is one of my favorite times of the day, not just because it means peace and quiet but because I get individual alone time with each of my girls. Even though some days are so long, they really go by so fast and I'm reminded of that each and every evening when bedtime rolls around. 

Olive's been really having a hard time being jealous lately and getting frustrated so every night I try my best not to rush bedtime and just soak her up. It depends on Olive's naptime but we usually start bed at 6 pm or 7 pm. We start by easing into bedtime. Getting our jammies on, going potty and brushing our teeth and then on extra special days we get to read books in mama's bed! It's something that is so simple and she thinks is so special. So we read a few books in our cozy bed and then race to her bed to read a few more. Then we get lost in conversation about her day and touch briefly on "trying to be more kind tomorrow, or not scream in the car". Then we pray and talk about everything we're thankful for and then we have tickle and kissing fights. Lastly, I tell her its time to go to bed and she says in the sweetest voice " I need you, mama, snuggle me for 2 minutes" After we snuggle for sometimes 2 minutes and others 30 minutes I tuck her in with all her friends and leave. 

I have such a great time putting her to bed and watching her think about the questions I ask her or pray and say who's she thankful for.  Usually, Austin is the one to put her down but for the last 2 months, she has really been wanting us both to. So sometimes one of us starts and the other one finishes. We try to keep bedtime lighthearted and filled with laughter. 

When I look back on my childhood I remember being put to bed and then awake thinking forever and ever so it's important to me that we fill Olives little imagination up with all the good things before we tuck her in for the night. We also give her a little flashlight and encourage her to read if she's having trouble falling asleep. We've started going to the library and checking out new books to read at bedtime so that makes it really special for her. I made sure to add 3 new books about bedtime to our haul this week!

What about you? What makes your bedtime routine special over at your house? I know it can be easy to rush so how do you stay intentional and present during bedtime? 

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