Life Lately!

Life Lately!

Pearl: Still waking up twice a night to come snuggle with us in our bed. Still falling asleep while nursing and then may or may not bite me on accident! (eeeek!) Trying to figure out how to crawl and growing way too fast! 

Olive: Currently only eating things that are the green or brown so don't even dare try and give her something yellow. Loves to make us pretend tea in her outdoor house and it usually involves rocks. annnnnd wants to spend every moment outside in the sun!

Me: Feeling less like a zombie because we've been going to bed earlier which has helped me wake up with such a better attitude. I had our first guests over and served them dinner last night in our new dining room and it filled my cup up in more ways than I thought! Now I want to host #allthethings.

 Austin: Working a lot but finding balance with all of this warm weather. I really am so thankful for his flexible schedule. He's lost 50 pounds on the Keto diet and I couldn't be more proud of him!

Thanks for reading friends! My outfit is from Bird & Kite and Olive & Pearls outfit is from Paper Linen!