Keeping up with the new series and sharing our ordinary moments from a random Tuesday where we played hard, napped hard and bathed hard. To see why we started this series and how I capture these moments read this post HERE. 

1. coffee first always. This is my favorite blend right now.
2. pearl playing before her sister wakes up. This is her favorite spot in the house.
3. my favorite fresh baked bread from nightingalebread. It's their date cardamon bread! 
4. praising Jesus with a mouth full of peanut butter
5. playing with "specials" pretty much what Olive calls every toy

6. a glimpse at the hallway before we run into go get Pearl
7. pearls awake and Olive was so excited
8. a little pre-lunch snack (all the fresh fruit!)
9. on our way to a friends house
10. dancing on the table with one of her gal pals to worship music

11.  a keto meal in the slow cooker for Austin while the girls sleep
12. pearls awake! 
13. Playing in my bed while we relax
14. big sisters up
15. papa came home and surprised us

16. got a little messy playing in the mud at the park with friends
17. trying so hard to be patient for papa to get home while eating dinner
18. bathtime fun while P sleeps
19. papas home just in time to keep us warm from the bath
20. exhausted from that bedtime hustle!

These small everyday moments make up a lifetime and I will cherish these photos forever! I'd love if you joined us on this series! Make sure to use the hashtag #thedailymoments so we can all tag along!