AH I was a day late on taking these photos and we were feeling the vacation blues so hard. We were all a bit crabby but I'm glad I took them. I'd love if you joined us on this series! Make sure to use the hashtag #thedailymoments so we can all tag along!

1. nursing Pearl while also trying to still sleep. Thanks, Austin for the pic! 
2. waiting for her coffee after a morning bath
3. playing with her new puzzle game from Grandma while P sleeps
4. a quick selfie after a 45-minute tantrum
5. lunch while the girl's nap

6. work while the girl's nap
7. Pearl woke up so happy, like always
8. rocking her and nursing her and snuggling her after her nap is my favorite time
9. crawling and playing with her sister's toys....while her sister cries
10. dinner fun! All the avocado

11. bath time after a long hard day felt so good
12. dinner and Facetime with Papou and Grandma while Papa puts Pearl to sleep
13. Austin put dry ice in our pond and I was worried it was going to kill the fish
14. my favorite quote and my favorite candle after a slow evening