Mountain Staycation Part One

Hi friends! I wanted to share our little adventure to Aspen with all of you! If you've been following for a while you might remember this epic fathers day fail from 3 years ago here... but if you don't... Long story short, we drove 5 hours to go see Maroon Bells, got there and had to turn around and come home. So this time when we planned a little mountain getaway so we wouldn't have to drive 10 hours with the girls in the car in 1 day. Look at us being responsible parents.

First stop was Twin Lakes! Twin Lakes is right before you go through a gorgeous mountain pass to get to Aspen and the perfect stop to get out of the car and let the girls get their wiggles out. We had a mini picnic (more like snacks) and threw about 100 rocks in the water and took about 100 self-timer photos.

This was pretty bittersweet for me. The photos we have here 2 years prior as a family of 3 are printed out in our home, so coming here with Pearl kind of felt like we were coming full circle. Olive is now 2.5, Pearl is wearing exactly what Olive was wearing and a similar age, I was pregnant again my hair isn't brown and much longer and Austin has lost 55 pounds! So yeah... a lot has changed! Also, I like to call that photo above, the Pollock Family Totem Poll lol, talk about a self-timer gem of a photo. 

Once we got to Aspen we checked in at the Molly Gibson Lodge . Everything is so beautiful in Aspen, you turn any corner and there are views for days but I really loved the location of the Molly Gibson Lodge. It was so close to everything downtown and across from a field where Olive got to play fetch with doggies and run around. We parked and then literally walked everywhere we needed with the girls. The staff was super friendly and answered all my questions about where to buy tickets and how to get places. The wifi was strong... you know which is extremely important these days. The pool is heated and you can literally walk right in, felt like a little slice of heaven! We took full advantage (taking turns) of the hot tub next to our room while the girls napped and Austin even got some work in. Honestly, staying in a hotel with 2 young kiddos can be really hard and I felt like the hotel grounds made it easier. It was easy to switch off and still get to relax while the girls napped, or walk somewhere with one of the girls while the other one slept because everything was close by. For the first time staying in Aspen it met all of our wants and needs!

The first day we really just relaxed, went to eat and let Olive play at a park and run through the fountain downtown. Girlfriend was having the time of her life. We all got some good sleep and woke up the next day to go up to Aspen Mountain. I was really excited about going up n in a Gondola and turns out I'm completely terrified. Silver Queen Gondolas go all the way up the mountain and are non stop moving and safe, but SO high! It was way fun and once you get to the top they have a lot you can do besides take a picture with that gorgeous view. They have a restaurant, yoga, frisbee golf and tons of activities for kiddos. Austin and I sorta wished we could have just drank a beer and played corn hole but that wasn't gonna happen this time with the girls. On the way down on the Gondola, it was windier and we stopped a few times, and I swear we stopped at the highest points! Austin kept making fun of me, but I was just praying that we would survive the whole time. I could never be a snowboarder and ride on the ones that aren't covered by a door. 

Thanks for reading! I'll be sharing my Maroon Bells photos next week and hopefully a video of our time!