I'd love if you joined us on this series! Make sure to use the hashtag #thedailymoments so we can all tag along!

Happy Hump-Day! This weeks post is much shorter than usual! Yesterday was a busy day for us and we were out and about.  Next week if we are out I'm going to challenge myself to take my camera and still shoot #thedailymoments . Even though we take a lot of photos and I'm a wedding photographer I still get timid taking out my camera in random places, which I'm starting to realize how silly that sounds. Okay, so here we go! 


1. when olive colors, it's pretty much her asking me to color everything she says
2. she loves sticks, so sometimes I let her play with these sticks that go in the windows... and it keeps her busy forever
3. fort 1.0... many more forts were built yesterday!
4. hanging out inside, right before it fell and then she was scared of the forts falling all day
5. signs that we live in a girl house!

6. eating her lunch, before we go swimming with papa! (falafel + water)
7. eating her special treat (avocado peanut butter pudding) for eating all of her lunch #bribes
8. bathtime with pearl is quickly becoming my favorite
9. my favorite face products from Urban Oreganics (use code steph15 for 15% off till the 30th)
10. letting her actually sit by herself and play with the water. She was in heaven... until she remembered how tired she was

11. making Olives dinner that just overflowed
12. playing in another fort while waiting so patiently for her dinner
13. eating in our favorite spot! How cute are those little cups I thrifted! By far my favorite kiddo cups!