A blogger I use to follow had a series called bit + pieces and it was my favorite of hers to follow. I loved how it captured the simple everyday moments around the house. I also felt like I got to know her a lot better through these images, so I thought it would be so fun to pick up this series on my own blog. I feel like Instagram helps us all connect and then blogging takes it one step deeper and I love getting to share our lives with all of you. So here are some snippets from about every hour of our day on a random Tuesday where we stayed home to just relax, play, order groceries and make dinner.

1. playing outside at 8 am because we have early risers
2. pretending to go to sleep because Pearl went down for her morning nap
3. tidy corners of our room. These ring holders are my absolute favorite.
4. playing puzzles and blocks while sister sleeps
5. Olive helped me put away laundry that was piled up on that chair in our room
6. the face of a girl who just woke up
7. me eating my current favorite lunch and working while both the girls take their afternoon nap
8. playing outside again in the pool after nap (thanks grandma)
9. nursing break
10. some quiet time to reset when we came in from outside
11. making popsicles out of freshly juiced pineapple + cantaloupe
12. rocking my first baby after a 45-minute meltdown about not being able to eat a popsicle yet.
13. Olive greeting her papa when he surprised us and came home early before a showing.
14. me sneaking a photo of them playing outback while I caught a few minutes to myself
15. "working from home" with a toddler.
16. bringing in the groceries that I had delivered

The rest of the evening kind of got a little crazy where I wasn't able to snap more photos but this was such a fun project for me and really make me be present. I had a few people ask, but I just used self-timer for the photos with me in them. I only gave myself 2 shots to get a photo because I didn't want it to be perfect and I didn't want to be super picky. So I used whatever I got within those 2 shots. Oh and I didn't use a tripod I just placed my camera on a shelf or table or whatever was closest!

I'd love if you joined us on this series! Make sure to use the hashtag #thedailymoments so we can all tag along!