7,8,9 Months of Pearl Esther

Pearl turns 10 months this month so its only fitting I share her last 3 months on here! I've talked about it on Instagram... but P's first year of life is truly flashing by. She is so content and joyful and loves life! 

She's happy playing by herself, following us around the house and being held. Her belly is super ticklish, she is pretty obsessed with nursing + avocado and nothing else. She weighs 18 pounds and is starting to stand... which is WAY to early!! Slow down baby girl! She is such a love bug and really just wants to be included. Olive is starting to really really love her, when I think before Olive was like "oh cute a baby, I love babies... but don't touch my stuff" Now Olive is realizing that Pearl is her sister and she calls her, her best friend and "favorite" so watching their relationship grow is probably my favorite thing these days.

We love you Pearly!