This weeks #thedailymoments is short and sweet! If your just joining in, make sure to head back and see the last few posts where I share my heart behind this series and how I capture these moments. These small mundane moments make up a life full of beautiful memories. If you want to join along make sure to use the hashtag #thedailymoments so we can all follow along!


1. First things first coffee!
2. Always by my side, always smiling
3. Olive, happily greeting Pearl when she woke up for the day
4. Playing while I work, which is always hard because she always asks me to play too
5. Pearls up from her first nap and we are making lunch

6. The spiralizer is always fun...
7. So is Avocado
8. Putting Olive to sleep, gosh I love snuggling that girl
9. Pearl waking up from her nap and as always she is so cheerful

10. Nursing on repeat
11. Playing with the clothes I set out while her sister is still asleep
12. Hanging up Olives new gallery wall while the girls play at my feet
13. Papas Home! Olive had her first set of braids.

14. Bedtime avocado, because she never wants dinner, but always a "snack" once we are in her room for the night.