Sleep Coaching with Wee Sleep!

Hi Friends! So a few weeks ago we went through the Rescue Me program with Wee Sleep! Wee Sleep is a sleep coaching company that offers different programs to help babies, toddlers and parents get back to sleeping soundly!

Our sleep coach name was Stephanie and she was beyond amazing! She listened to our wants and needs as a family and came up with a custom plan to help us get sweet Pearl on a sleeping schedule. I'm happy to say that with commitment and devotion Pearl is sleeping through the night and napping 2 solid 2 hour naps during the day! Stephanie was there to support me through 10 days of questions and tweaking and I am so extremely thankful! I posted on Instagram a little bit about our time together and some of you reached out with questions. So I sent them to Stephanie and she is answering them below. Wee Sleep is also offering you guys a 15% discount off the Rescue Me or Toddler Time packages if you choose to book with Stephanie Ellis through July 31st! 

I honestly am asking myself why we didn't hire a sleep coach with Olive. I've been sleeping so much better and I am not a complete zombie in the mornings, which all in all makes me a better wife and mama!

1.Question: I’m almost full term with my second baby. My first was the worst sleeper ever for a full 15 months! Is there anything you can do with a new baby to set yourself up for success? I breastfeed on demand and hope to do so with the second but want to start good habits so sleep training at a later age isn’t as rough as with my first.   Mostly I’m wondering about newborn- early day tips. Thank you! ♥️-

Answer: You can definitely do things to help promote healthy sleep habits and create nice routines so that by the time your baby is ready to formally sleep coach, they are already well on their way. Sleep coaching a newborn is called “sleep shaping”. At this stage, we are not looking for any type of schedule nor are we looking for baby to sleep through the night. You are simply doing things to promote healthy sleep from an early stage. A great tip for newborns is to work on a eat, play, sleep routine instead of feeding TO sleep. This makes sure that baby takes in a nice full feed as they are wide awake after sleep AND it takes away the association of feed to sleep. 

2.Question:What are your thoughts on baby sleeping in bed with mom and dad? Have you read any studies or what have you heard, good or bad opinions on the topic..-- 

Answer: At WeeSleep we always promote independent sleep. It is the healthiest and safest way for both babies and parents to get the best rest that they need.  

 Did your girls sleep in your bed on in their own. If own-how did the transition into their own bed (and at same time room?) work out for you... the permanent nursing through the night. It’s not even about the milk, I think, more the comfort of ‚sucking‘ (do you say that word in this context?!?) that eases her back to sleep. I just hate it when I don’t respond to her. But we sure are at a point where I do have to protect myself / my barriers / my sleep in order to be loving and a good mom. Phew... looking forward to your SLEEP post/story. thanks for doing this!! 

- did you use formula for your kids during the night? After Weaning? (no we didnt use formula, and she is still breastfed during the day)

- did/do you nurse during night? Not sure-You talked about your babes get a bottle to go to bed? Or do you nurse?

Answer: As for reducing the nursing all night long… do not have to give up nursing in order to sleepcoach. Depending on the age and weight of the baby, we know when they can physically go through the night with no feed vs when they are simply soothing for sleep. It sounds like this mamma already knows that baby is just soothing. It also sounds like this mamma knows that if she gets the rest she needs, that her entire family will benefit…..such a good point! 

Tears can definitely be a challenge when it comes to sleep coaching, but it is all in how you manage and support those tears. When we make changes to a babies routine (such as removing nursing to sleep), they are not just going to lie down and be silent. Babies are going to protest the change and use their little voices to tell you that they are angry that there has been a change. It is important to remember that your baby is crying because they are mad about the change, not because they are scared. They quickly learn that when they cry, you nurse…..and the cycle continues. 

Nursing to sleep is no different than using a pacifier, bottle, rocking to sleep etc. It is a crutch that baby has associated with falling asleep so baby has never learned any other way to fall asleep. Once baby learns how to fall asleep without nursing, sleep will improve quickly. 

So my girl is a great sleeper at night sleeps usually from 9pm till 5/6 has milk and the back to sleep for an hour or more , the question is she isn't a great napper during the day ... is this because she sleeps so much at night? She usually takes 30-45 min naps about 3/4 times a day, would like her to take like maybe 2 big naps just not sure how to get there  haha-- 

Answer: Many families come to us wanting help with night sleep, but then find out that naps are typically the hardest part of sleep for a baby. Your baby is only sleeping one cycle and then she is waking up and not able to put herself back to sleep. It is 100% not due to too much sleep at night. A 7 month old should be sleeping 11-12 hours straight through the night and having two strong naps during the day. I would recommend looking at what is putting your baby to sleep? This will be the cause of your short naps. When she wakes at 30 minutes, unless that “thing” (pacifier, rocking, breast, bottle) that puts her to sleep comes back……then she cannot get herself back to sleep. 

5. Question: 
Do we stop nursing sessions in the middle of the night when they wake up? Do we not allow them in our bed? Do we let them cry it out? Does having your baby’s crib in your room effect this? I honestly feel like he wakes up because we share a room and he wants me. I don’t have the option to give him his own bedroom.--

Answer: you can 100% sleep coach when room sharing as answered above. Cutting out night feeds will depend on the age and the weight of your baby. Once you commit to removing night feeds, your baby will feed stronger during the daytime which will help them sleep through the following night(s). 

6. Question: 

Who puts her to bed? Do you nurse before bed? What do you do if she wakes in the night? I  have a 18 months old still waking one to two times a night

Answer: Anyone can put baby to bed; when babies wake at night it is important that we do not rush into the room. We need to give them the opportunity to stay in their groggy state and fall back asleep. Once we enter the room, they come out of that drowsy state and are now wide awake and ready to party. The stimulation of having the parent in the room makes them think its time to get up and then game over! Leave them for a few minutes to give them the chance to get back to sleep on their own.