South Dakota Part 1:

Hi Friends! A few weeks ago we were offered a really fun opportunity to go on an adventure to South Dakota. We took it as a sign of some much-needed family time, packed our bags and headed off on the smallest plane we've ever been on to the #stateofgreat! 

We hit the ground running and really didn't stop until 4 days later. As soon as we landed we headed to downtown Sioux Falls for some dinner and open space to run all of our wiggles out. I was SO insanely impressed with downtown Sioux Falls. The river running through the city is so fun and filled with people kayaking and running along it. Olive LOVED being able to dip her feet in and I appreciated that there were restaurants overlooking the river. While we were walking the path Olive found a fountain to play in, which made me laugh because, without fail, Olive always finds a splash pad wherever we go. We got to our cute cabin and Austin and Olive played at the park while I put Pearl down and she collected 100 rocks. We made a rookie mistake and forgot that the midwest has mosquitoes so it was an early night to bed since we knew we'd be up with the sun.

We woke up and ate breakfast at this yummy place some of you suggested on Instagram called Josiah's! It was way cute and the food and coffee were great. But the homemade english muffins were so delicious we went back a few days later for more. I was a little worried about finding food in SD and the entire time was so happy with everything. After breakfast, we headed straight to Falls Park to see the falls before we headed out to our next destination. Falls Park was absolutely beautiful, It covers 123 acres and is within walking distance of downtown. We spent a good amount of time here soaking in how beautiful it was and letting Olive play. I loved how you could get so close to the water. It was so peaceful and definitely a sight to see if you are traveling through the state. Our favorite area was one of the lookouts closest to the large fall because you got misted by the falls. Both girls thought it was really funny and I felt like it was one of those moments I captured in my head that I won't forget.

Aren't the falls beautiful? After the park, we made a stop at the Great Plains Zoo & Delbridge Museum of Natural History! They recently opened their new "Fortress Of The Bears" exhibit and we came at the perfect time. As we were walking up there were 2 bears climbing up a tree and that was really neat to see. They had 2 bear cubs that were pretty dang cute too. We always have fun going to the zoo, so it was nice to make a familiar stop and see the animals and run around before our little road trip continued. I also ran into a sweet follower at the zoo in SD so that was fun! (Thanks for coming to say Hi... Jorun) Olive is at a fun age where she really makes connections with animals we see to her favorite books we read. Her memory is so sharp and it was fun listening to her tell us stories the rest of the day about the animals she saw. Her  favorites were  the bears, rhinos, ducks (lol) feeding the giraffes and the arctic snow monkeys! The snow monkeys were my favorite too because we've never seen those in person and they are endangered. They recently had 2 babies, but I think they were hiding but im sure they were so cute.

Our first full day was so fun, check back Friday for our continued trip. Where Austin and I had an extremely hard workout while our girls hitched a ride.

This trip was sponsored by South Dakota Tourism but, as always all options are my own.