Happy Wednesday Friends! This weeks #thedailymoments photos are below! I remembered mid-morning to grab out my camera and started snapping away. I'm not sure if you noticed, but I made an entire section on my blog dedicated to #thedailymoments so that way the first few posts where I share why and how I capture these moments are easy to find! If you're just joining in, make sure to use the tag #thedailymoments so we can all join along! These small moments make up a lifetime of beautiful ones!

1. playing an intense game of catching a lion that often runs free in our house
2. painting while P takes a nap
3. my favorite salad from Whole Foods that I often pick up
4. playing airplane while pearl naps
5. waking up Pearly
6. fresh lavender in each of the girl's rooms

7. making fresh juice. I always wait too long to eat pineapples and end up juicing them every time without fail
8. nursing pearl while feeding Olive lunch, while she reads to me #multitasking
9. cleaning Pearls closet while Olive takes a nap (there's about a 45minute window most days when one of them is asleep before the other one goes down
10. both girls are asleep so I made Austin a Keto dinner while watching a movie
11. we make these vegan muffins, cut the sugar in half, use Cacao, regular flour and add some greens

12. Olive, of course, loves to lick the batter
13. went from muffin bliss to meltdowns
14. to happy again
15. and ending #thedailymoments this week with me walking out the door to go grab drinks with a friend