A Peek Into Our Bedtime Routine With Wellements

Hey Friends! Today I'm sharing a peek into Pearls bedtime routine. This post was sponsored by Wellements but as always all opinions are my own. Every evening looks pretty similar in our home. Around 5 pm we feed both the girls in the kitchen, while Austin and I catch up from the day. After they eat dinner, they go straight into the bath. We are still in the fight over every toy phase so we pretty much wash Pearl right away, let her splash around and then out into a warm towel she goes. 

Austin stays with Olive and I put Pearl down for the night I mentioned above that this post was sponsored by Wellements but I wanted to share with you how much I absolutely love this company. Their products are USDA certified organic which means they don't have any yucky ingredients in them but also they are preservative-free.  Their site is full of information about each product and they are fully transparent. I shared on my Instagram stories that I, unfortunately, found out that a product we had been using for teething had dairy in it. I was so bummed but happy to say I found an awesome replacement! So keep scrolling on down ...

I bring pearl in her room and start by giving her a clean diaper and rubbing Wellements Organic Baby Chest & Foot rub on her. She thinks it's quite hilarious and I love that the ingredients are organic and filled with lavender and eucalyptus to help calm her body down. During the summer months I usually just let her sleep in a white onesie. They are just simple and if she has a poop explosion I don't mind throwing them away.

Then we move onto the Organic Teeth Oil. I have a feeling she is working on more than 1 tooth right now so I've been adding this oil into our routine every night and making sure to give her gums a little massage. 

After the oil, I take her to go say goodnight to Olive + Papa and then she has a full nursing session. Then into her sleep sack she goes, we shut the blinds, turn on her sound machine, lay her down and say goodnight. I usually tuck her little lovey under her arm and turn off the light and walk out. 

This is pretty much our routine every night that our sleep coach help create. From bath until bed it takes less than 45 minutes.

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