South Dakota Part 2:

Hey Friends! I'm just dropping in to share part 2 of our trip with South Dakota Tourism. If you are just popping in, in Monday's post I shared about Sioux Falls and The Great Plains Zoo and today I'm sharing our trip south to Yankton, SD.

On our way to Yankton, we stopped at Newton Hill State Park. We were going to hike around but when we got there we saw this fun bike we could rent. The Park Ranger kind of jokingly warned me how challenging it was but I was like, we work out, we'll be fine. Oh my gosh, it was SO hard! This is quite the workout in the hot temps but it was really fun. Olive had a great time being carted around and we took lots of breaks. After we returned the bike Austin and I both took showers at the community center because we were that hot lol. We had another hour drive in the car or else we probably would have gone to the area of the park that has a beach and water.

After we made our way to Yankton we grabbed dinner, stopped at the store to get floaties for Olive and went to bed early... well as early as you can when you have a toddler sleeping in the same room as you lol. The next morning we woke up to go to the Market at the Meridian Bridge! 

The Missouri River borders South Dakota + Nebraska so its kind of like your in two places at once. You can walk the entire bridge and then walk back on top of it which is pretty cool. Where can you say you've walked on the top of a double deck highway bridge while standing in 2 states at the same time? After we made our way back into South Dakota, we stopped at the cute Farmers Market and headed back to our hotel for naps! This town was full of sweet charm and just a few miles from Lewis and Clark Recreational Area where we rented a boat and got to cool off on the beach. I'll be sharing that in my next post but look how pretty it is below!

This post is sponsored by South Dakota Tourism, but as always all opinions are my own.