South Dakota Part 3:

Happy Tuesday Friends! Today I'm finishing up sharing photos from our South Dakota trip! 

Lake day was our favorite day! We rented a boat at the Lewis and Clark Recreational area and hung out at the beach afterwards. Austin and I are such water people and feel so landlocked in Colorado so it was filling up our cup to get to boat around for a few hours. The entire time we were driving around we just kept smiling at eachother, we had so much fun! Pearl had fun staying dry and eating all the strawberries and Olive thought she kept wanting to jump in, but everytime she did she would get a little scared and want to get back on the boat right away. Towards the end we figured out she was happy standing on the ladder but her favorite thing was driving the boat.

After we docked we drove over to the beach area. Olive played at the park while Pearl slept in the car and then we all went to the beach to play some more. It was one of those days that everything went right and the girls were in great moods. Traveling with kiddos can be hard and this day made it all worth it.

The morning after we headed back into Sioux Falls for breakfast and to visit the Butterfly House & Aquarium. I liked that these places were combined and that there were SO many butterflies. The girls were so happy and Olive was in heaven pointing everywhere and she kept saying this one specific butterfly was her "favorite". She really wanted one to land on her but we haven't quite mastered the art of being still yet.  Once we came out of the butterfly house we happened to catch the time you were able to touch the stingrays and sharks. Olive couldn't really reach them but she was happy being able to reach the sponges and sea cucumbers!

We had a blast driving around the eastern part of South Dakota and visiting so many family-friendly places. Thanks to South Dakota Tourism for inviting us on this trip!