Top 5 Favorite Baby Registry Items Video Style

Hi Friends! Today im sharing 5 of my favorite baby registry items! When it comes to picking out baby items it can be so overwhelming! So I put together 5 of my favorite ones below and did a little show and tell video while trying to entertain Pearly!

1. Philips AVENT Natural Bottles

I've breastfed Olive till she was 19 months old and currently im still nursing Pearl. If I could give any new mama advice it would be to give your baby a bottle sooner than later. We start around 1 and a half months and I pump and have Austin feed them. I usually run out to the store so I'm not even there and don't add stress to the situation. Getting your baby to take a bottle can be a challenge but its so worth it to keep trying! It's so nice to be able to run to the store or go on a date night and your baby still is able to be fed. Plus I think its such a sweet bonding moment when papa's get to give their little babes their first bottle.

I left Pearl when she was first born to go get a pedicure and didn't realize the nipples I had on Olive's previous bottles were too advanced for her. My mom ran out to the store and grabbed a bottle and it happened to be the Phillips AVENT natural and we've never looked back! Pearl took to it so well and I think it because the nipple is so soft and flexible, now i recommend them to all my pregnant friends.

2. Motherlove diaper/thrush cream

I feel like this is such an underrated product but yet it will save your life! Breastfeeding can be challenging at first so I recommend using cream even if your nipples aren't cracking just to help prevent any discomfort. 

3. Solly Baby Wrap

I think most everyone I know, knows how much I love our Solly Baby. I love babywearing so much. It really helps calms my hormones down after delivery and in that fourth trimester. I feel like my baby is 100% safe on my chest and when they fall asleep all wrapped up its the very best feeling.

4. Max & Moose Swaddle/ Bebe Au Lait Sleep Sack

I mentioned in the video that both of my girls broke out of their swaddle every time so we usually transition to a sleep sack once they are old enough. But, babies in swaddles are irresistible so if you want all the sweet swaddle photos we love Max & Moose and if you want sleep sack we love Bebe Au Lait! 

5. Lovey: Bla Bla Kids Doll

I think one of my favorite items to pick out before baby is born is a lovey. Something that you will get to see them with for the next few years. We love our blabla kid's dolls, its like they are a little friend to bring them comfort when you can't always be there. We don't usually introduce loveys until 6+ months but I, of course, love having them ready for them before then. I try and sleep with it a few times so that way the little lovey smells like you and will bring them comfort when you introduce it to them! 

Some of my favorite moments was checking on Olive when she napped and seeing her snuggle or lay on her llama. Those 2 are bffs and whenever Olive is upset her sweet llama will cheer her up! Pearl isn't too fond of her dog yet, but we are still hoping she attaches to it soon!

Are any of these items on your baby registry or have you already used them with your babies? Which is your favorite baby item and why do you love it! I'd love to hear in the comments below and if you want to use the hashtag #mamalouges and share on social media!

This post was sponsored by Philips AVENT but all opinions are my own!