A month into #thedailymoments project and feeling more and more in love with it each week! I did totally fail this week and forgot to bring my camera along with us... well i didn't forget, we were walking out the door and my battery died so I'll try again next week! This week I learned that my house was quite messy, but hey this is real life. These small mundane moments make up a life full of beautiful memories. 

1. Pearl is an early riser so we spend the first few hours of the morning in the back of the house so we don't wake up Olive.
2. Olives up, first things first a banana... always!
3. Princess dresses and book reading
4. Brushing our teeth together
5. Package delivery
6. Pearl eats lunch, but really feeds the floor

7. Lunch with friends
8. Olive learning a hard lesson about sharing...
9. Took a break, got a snack and resetting her attitude
10. Afternoon shower to wash away the attitudes that keep coming back
11. Hey look the sister love reappeared
12. Papas home! We are saved!
13. The moment before Olive licks his face

14. Groceries delivered
15. Mangos forever
16. Watching a movie for "special Olive time"
17. Brushing our teeth again
18. In bed! Goodnight. (this picture made me realize we should probably clean under her bed) 

I'd love if you joined us on this series! Make sure to use the hashtag #thedailymoments so we can all tag along!