Im baaaaack! We've been out of town the last few weeks making #thedailymoments posts kind of impossible to post. But we're back and getting into our routine, actually making entirely new routines because I'm feeling inspired to change things up a bit. More on that later, below are some sweet moments Im happy I snapped! If your new to this series make sure to go back and read about why I started it and how I snap these photos HERE and make sure to use the tag #thedailymoments if you join along.

  1. Pearl has been waking up at the crack of dawn

  2. Perfect timing that we got a Nespresso machine because we need all the coffee

  3. Being so dang adorable

  4. A girl and her kombucha

  5. Nursing for what feels like all day every day lately but she turns 1 next month so im soaking it up

  6. Pearls pretty happy when she gets to play with all the toys while Olive is asleep. Olive is in the "don't even look at my toys pearl" stage

  7. The best soup Austins ever made me. He loves me well

  8. Trying to get through the witching hour one piggyback ride at a time

  9. Sisterly love

  10. Papas home we're saved! Now everyone run from that pesky lion that keeps getting loose!