1. flowers Olive picked me while on a little date with Austin

  2. making paper dragons (I've been trying to do more crafts while Pearls asleep)

  3. first nap of the day and oh so cute.

  4. kid yoga while P's asleep

  5. my favorite thing about our Nespresso is being able to make iced lattes

  6. Pearl has found a new love of knocking over blocks and its pretty cute

  7. Finishing up our keep the sickies tonic away my friend Sarah shared with us. HERE

  8. getting some energy out

  9. shooting some new product with Pearl while Olive naps

  10. a peaceful moment and some pretty blooms during nap time

  11. a vegan cookie as a special treat when she wakes up

  12. flowers 2.0 that Pearl wanted to smell

  13. nursing that silly baby who never stops moving

  14. beauty in the mess

  15. sisterly moment in Garden of the Gods

  16. Papa Bear exploring with his girls

I'd love if you joined us on this series! Make sure to use the hashtag #thedailymoments so we can all tag along!