The Mountains are Calling

Hey fraaaaands did you watch that sweet video above? I'm pretty sure we've watched it 100 times by now. The last few weekends we have made it a point to get away to the mountains and just soak each other up. That little family video is something I hope to make many more of.

We had a photoshoot in Garden of the Gods a few weeks ago and I realized its been forever since we've been. So we loaded up the girls one evening and walked around as the sun was getting low. It was pretty dreamy and now I want to go every week because how can something so beautiful be 10 minutes down the street from us?

Over Memorial day weekend we went up to the 11-mile canyon and adventured around. We use to take Olive there a lot when she was smaller and when we pulled up she said: " we're here!" We're not reeeeeally sure if she remembered but girlfriend has an insane memory and we had the best time. And guess what! The leaves are started to change guys, FALL is HERE!. (The girls and my outfits are from Miann & Co)

This past Weekend Austin and I got to sneak away to the hot springs and have an entire day of uninterrupted conversation! It was the best and so fulfilling. 

Thanks for following along!