Hey Friends! Thanks to everyone who has joined in with #thedailymoments post! I love scrolling #thedailymoments hashtag on Instagram and seeing all of your beautiful days! Keep tagging me!

  1. Morning free play. Ever since we stopped watching tv Olive plays so well on her own

  2. Built a fort with the couch cousins and the fun lasted for hours

  3. Morning malk making. Almond, Cashew & Pistachio

  4. Naptime lunch recipe HERE

  5. Woke up and made vegan chocolate chip cookies… which actually sucked lol. I’m a great cook and love to bake but when it comes to cookies they are not my strong suit.

  6. Papa surprised us and came home early! So another fort was built!

  7. Love finding Olives toys set up around the house

  8. Shower time to get us through the witching hour

  9. Evening snuggles with my Pearl girl before she goes to bed

  10. Watching Papa vacuum

  11. A rare sighting

  12. Bedtime books

  13. A selfie because I just got this jumpsuit from Rachel Pally and never want to take it off.

  14. Before dinner painting! I bought these at Target and they have been so fun!

  15. Dinner time with Olive. We had this recipe and it was so yummy. I made it vegan.