A Little Life Update!

Happy 2019! The Holidays were sweet and January flew by. We kicked off January with zero screen time and it has felt good! I'm putting together a blog post to share what we’ve learned from not watching tv and I can’t wait to share. It’s been so refreshing and I’m going to share #allthethings at the end of the month. We just got back from the snowy mountains (I'll be blogging about shortly) and just enjoying a lot of sunny days! We are super thankful that we live in Colorado and get so much sun all year round. Warm or cold I’ve been trying to get the girls out of the house as much as possible. I’ve been attending some outdoor kiddo classes (Tinkergarten & Hike it Baby) and its been nice to plug into the community and teach the girls resilience to the cold weather and meet new people. If you're a mama, I would 100% recommend trying to find those groups in your area and dropping into some classes since most first classes are free!

We’re excited for the New Year and a fresh start. We have some big dreams for the year and are looking forward to seeing God’s provision in our lives this year. Just a few things we are looking forward too…

Austin: Looking forward to doing a race or two again this year. Last year he did a triathlon and killed it! Going to San Diego for a vacation just the two of us!

Stephanie: Looking forward to keeping up with #thedailymoments series on this blog, continuing to take on marketing clients and read the Passion Translation of the bible!

Olive: Wants a little brother, starting ballet and piano lessons sometimes this year.

Pearl: I mean.. she probably wants a little brother too haha but really Pearl is starting to talk and really wants to keep up with Olive and she is so goofy we all love her so much!

Thanks for following along with our lives friends!