Pearly P turned two on September 25th and I wanted to share a simple gift guide with all of you! Buying for kids can sometimes feel overwhelming or sometimes pointless… if you feel like they have a lot already or oftentimes an older sibling does. So below is an easy gift guide sharing some favorites that I feel like have a purpose and will be used over and over again.

  1. Magformers! Pearl loves these whenever anyone else has them. So we got her some of her own. I saw this cute set on a different toy set and found them for $20 cheaper on Amazon! So a total win. I love that this encourages hand-eye coordination and will grow with them.

  2. Kinetic Sand. I love this because you can pour it in a bin and hide little treasures in it! A little messy but a great sensory activity for kiddos!

  3. Micro Kickboard Mini. First let me say, this is expensive! But after polling everyone this was the #1 rated. Sure, cheaper options are out there. But this one is such quality. We took it out of the box and were so impressed. It also turns really safe and easily. 100% recommend this! Olive wants a purple one for her birthday. Oh and don’t forget a helmet! My brother got Pearl this one and it fits a 2-year-old.

  4. Stabilo Crayons. These are the BEST. We usually gift these as a Christmas or birthday present. Yes, they are more pricey than normal Crayola crayons but are the absolute best. You won’t regret them. Plus are washable.

  5. A good book. Pearl got some cute ones that are about her name. But I love this God Counts book and anything this company puts out.

  6. I love giving practical gifts! We love our HydroFlask!

  7. Always could use pajamas and these are a win. They come in tons of colors.

  8. A cute pair of rainboots for this upcoming season!

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