San Diego Getaway

Oh San Diego, I love you! Really, I have a deep love for that city. I’ve come to the hard realization that we will most likely never live there… Hello crazy California laws but we will visit often and eat the best acai bowls and enjoy the laid back atmosphere and soak up the beachy beautiful towns as much as we can.

California really does feel like a dream in so many ways. It’s so green and lush and just makes our heart swell. Both my brothers lived in Pacific Beach for some time (1 still does) so we usually stay in PB. We’ve passed Tower 23 so many times while walking the pier so I knew it would be such a fun place to stay on our little getaway! It’s right on the water and you can go to sleep to the sound of the ocean, like the REAL ocean… not the sound machine ocean we listen to every night to go to sleep. Its modern and full of clean lines. Our room was lovely, the bathroom was amazing … I always fall in love with hotel bathrooms and how well they are designed. Constantly pulling inspiration for our one day dream master bath haha.

Isn’t the hotel dreamy? If your traveling to SD Id 100% recommend booking a room and making it oceanfront!

There was so many favorite parts of our trip but the memory that topped them all was the scooters! In PB they have these scooters you can rent that are 10 cents per minute and you can ride all around town (they have a 17 mile radius) and they were so so so soooooo fun! We took them everywhere, well a lot of places. Most everything in PB is walking distance, so you don’t really need to use a scooter but we would just for fun. We used the Uber scooters, since we already had that app and it was easy but there’s other brand scooters everywhere and you just need to download the app and go. I loved that there was scooters outside of the hotel every morning that we were able to grab and go. For sure such a fun feature of a beach town. I was so nervous riding them on the street but it’s all part of the adventure.

Restaurants to try:

Local to PB
Fish Shop (our alllllll time favorite place ever)
Isabel’s Cantina . My favorite breakfast place. I’ve been there too many times to count. I use to get their soyrizo and its so yummy.
Bahia Mexican Food PB Juice Bar. By far my favorite acai bowl in PB. Looks so funny because its a little mexican shop but its SO good. I get the large Acai Bowl with soymilk.. always soymilk…never apple juice.
Wayfarer Bread and Bakery. This was a yummy bakery in La Jolla (you can ride the scooters dont worry)

Downtown San Diego
Kindred. It’s a fun bar and they serve all vegan food. Their Jackfruit bbq sandwich is real good, their french fip is yummy too!

Cafe Gratitude is so yummy another vegan place. I’d do lunch or dinner there not breakfast.

A list of vegan friendly restaurants

Civico (italian that has vegan/non vegan menus
Donna Jean (Vegan)
Anthem Vegan (Downtown/North Park)
Sipz Cafe (vegetarian vegan)
Loving Hut (vegan)

ALL the food in San Diego is amazing though, so this is only a very small list!!

Thanks Tower23 For the best stay!

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