hey hey hey! Life update!

Hey Friends! Im dusting off the ole blog and breaking out to say HI! We’re still here. I can't believe I haven't blogged since March. I miss this space. So I wanted to drop in with a little life update! I am almost 20 weeks pregnant with baby number 3… I can't even believe those words are true. The first 4 months of pregnancy were mentally and physically exhausting. I’ve had easy pregnancies with the girls and this time around has been so different. I was so sick, more of a motion sickness that only got better when I was laying in bed… which is hard to do with 2 active girlies who are used to us go go going! Those days are behind us and we are feeling great over here. Besides the fact that Colorado is 45 degrees and snowing with June being tomorrow. We have been able to jump into our new normal and get out and about again.

We go to South Dakota next week, Texas later on California and Chicago in July. We are hoping to squeeze in a family trip to Florida before baby comes too. Part of me is wondering if we should wait till baby comes but flying with 3 kids and sleeping in a hotel sounds really intimidating. We also have my brothers wedding in September in Estes Park! Can’t wait to celebrate him and be surrounded by family in the mountains. Estes Park is already a pretty special place in my heart so I’m beyond thrilled to make more special memories there.

The girls are growing so fast. I can't believe we will have a 4-year-old this fall. Olive is so big and so fun. She tells us we are her best friends every day and it makes my heart swell. I love her imagination and she blesses me everyday. I was frustrated the other day with her attitude and I just sat on the ground and observed her playing for a few minutes and it brought me so much joy. Parenting constantly brings me back to the love of God. I’m constantly praying and asking the holy spirit for wisdom and also just delighting in my children in a small way I’m sure the Lord delights in us.

Pearl is blowing our minds with how big she is. It's like she went from baby to full-blown toddler overnight. She repeats everything we say even if she can't quite say it and tries to communicate so well. She picks up all her sisters habits (good and bad haha…) and loves to be held. She wants to hug and kiss us all day long and she feels like such a big girl to me in these photos above.

I felt baby kick for the first time the other night after a particularly hard day and that was for sure a moment I will always remember. Feeling baby kicks from the inside will always be one of my fondest memories of this motherhood season.

Life is full and we are thankful! Filled with gratitude for how blessed we are. Even in the unknown we have peace that God goes before us!

Matching dresses are c/o Auguste the Label. I want to match with my girls forever!