The Dove Inn!

In March we last minute booked a little getaway to The Dove Inn for our anniversary. My mom happened to be flying in and we were able to getaway for the night. I had just found out I was pregnant and it was a special day to celebrate. We’ve been married six years together for almost 9! Which is basically a whole decade. That blows my mind! I still feel like im that 17 year old girl most times. How Im almost 10 years down the road with 2 kids and 1 on the way blows my mind. I’m so thankful for my marriage, for what we have fought for and created. For God being that 3rd strand in a rope keeping us together.

The Dove Inn is a charming Bed and Breakfast in Golden Colorado. The house is full of history and each room has a theme. The details of the entire BNB are incredible. We got to talk to one of the designers and I need her to help me come source items like this for my home. The hand lamp detail photo above is by far one of my favorite details. I truly feel like the small little details make up a well curated home and I’m so excited to source those for our home one day soon. The inn is located in the heart of Golden. It’s walking distance to everything! They also have Kombucha and Nitro on tap in the main area… and HELLO… I need this in my house too!

I had never been to Golden before but quickly fell in love. It’s such a near spot, so close to the mountains yet so close to Denver. I could totally move there without it feeling too small. We tried to grab dinner at Sherpa House but the wait was too long for how hungry we are. If you stay in Golden go there and think of me! But for breakfast we went to Sassafras and it was way yummy! I totally recommend it, then we spent the morning walking by the river and jumped in the car to get back to our babies.

It was a quick stay but so fun and The Dove Inn was so relaxing. Getting a full night’s sleep will do wonders to a parent.