Day Trip: Pikes Peak

We woke up Sunday with the itch for adventure! We had a few places on our list but chose to keep it local with a drive up Pikes Peak! We were going to do a picnic by Crystal Lake and enjoy the cooler mountain air since it’s been so hot in the city and let the girls take their butterfly wings for a fly! When we arrived, we quickly found out Crystal Lake was drained..(and won't be filled till 2021) which was a bummer.

It was one of those days where everything kind of went wrong. We skipped the picnic to find another spot but I forgot how high you get pretty fast and we ended up driving all the way up first. Everyone was starving and then it was pretty cold and full of construction. On the way down it started raining pretty hard so eventually we just pulled over and ate our food in the car while Pearl slept. There was a little break in the rain so we got to run around with Olive and let her fly with her butterfly wings we made together.

It’s funny, because looking at these photos you’d never know this day was kind of filled with frustration...I love that. When I look at these photos I see a little slice of childhood magic. Moments filled with lots of love and adventure. Often I feel like that’s what our kids see....they are so innocent and just want to play! They don’t care if it’s cloudy or raining out. They are just want run and pick flowers and rocks. As parents we both have been trying to see things from the girls eyes and keep things more lighthearted. The deeper we dive into parenting the more I start to understand the term “child-like faith” and its become more of a everyday prayer in our lives.

I sure love those girlies! Who often remind me to just be present and not overthink life!

On Instagram I asked for some day trip ideas so I wanted to share them here:

Idaho Springs
St. Marys Glacier
Castlewood Canyon
Lake Dillon
Zapata Falls
Sand Dunes
San Isabel
Echo Lake
Happy Meadows
Rampart Reservoir