Birth Essentials I Couldn't Live Without!

Hey hey hey ladies! I had so much fun putting together this list of birth essentials. Since we have a homebirth we usually order a birth kit towards the end of pregnancy that comes with some fun stuff. So I did not include things you would usually get in a birth kit or that a hospital provides. These are more on my list for right after delivery and the first few days or so. These products will carry you through that precious 4th trimester that goes by way too fast.

These are in no particular order, just how they fit on that nifty collage.. lol

Nipple Cream: If this is your first or 5th time nursing, nipple cream always comes in handy! My best advice would be to make sure baby is fully latching or else your nipples will get injured real fast! (doulas are great for helping with this!)

Homeopathic Birth Kit: I haven’t ordered this yet, but I’m So looking forward to using homeopathy to aid my actual birth/labor and after! This is the site I got my other kit from as well.

Homeopathic Babies + Children Book: Great book for referencing what remedy to use for your babe. From fevers to teething and beyond.

Herb Bath: Take an herb bath! They are so healing to your body and nice to take a bath with baby!

After Ease Herb: Let’s talk about after labor pains. I enjoy birth, I look at contractions as something I was made for! I am not afraid and have worked hard to change my mindset on contractions and what your body does to birth a baby… but no one told me about afterbirth pains and I think they just about sent me into depression after I birthed Pearl. My after birth contractions were far worse than my actual contractions and I couldn’t find relief and was very confused as to why they were happening. They don’t bother some woman, but this tincture is great to have on hand and you can always give it to a friend if you don’t use it. I learned about it AFTER Pearl, so I will have this on hand and start it right away.

Happy Ducts herb: I haven’t used this before, but have heard great things. Another herb to have on hand to help. I personally have never struggled with mastitis but would recommend this for happy ducts!

Arnica 200c: (make sure to get 200c) This can replace Tylenol or pain killers for after birth as well. We use Arnica a lot in our home for pain.,

Organic Cotton Pads: Besides the large diapers you are given after birth, these organic pads are a great choice and nontoxic.

Linen Robe: $49.99 comes in 10 colors! Love this robe. If you don’t get this one make sure to pick up a robe I SO recommend it for those first few days and beyond.

Frida Ice Pack Pads: Ice Pack pads are the actual best. In the hospital, the nurses filled pampers diapers with ice, which were great. But I can not stand the smell of those newborn pampers diapers they would use. These are a great choice or you can grab some instant cold packs. I didn’t like any of the amazon reviews on theirs but you could pick some up at Walmart, Target or Walgreens!

Washable heating pad: We have this exact one! This helped with my after labor pains every time I nursed.

After Birth Spray: My sweet doula gave me this last time around and ladies… its so good. You can DIY and make your own as well but this brand is great and will bring you relief after you pee!

Mom Washer : Also for after you pee. One of these usually comes in our birth kit, but I like how this one is angled. Again, bringing you relief afterward.

Face Wipes Quick and easy face wipes that help you feel a bit more fresh but when haven’t had the time to shower.

Pacifica BB Cream: You ladies know I am so natural, I don’t wear makeup very often but this bb cream is the absolute best. I’ve used it for years on and off. It just gives you a little glow and makes you feel fresh without looking done up. I love having this on hand when I just need a little boost of confidence because you don’t get a lot of sleep in the newborn days… a lot of that is just you up wide awake filled with hormones staring at your baby! Or…. a lot of late night nursing.

Nursing Bra: The Dairy Fairy is my favorite company. Plenty of comfy choices and ones that make you feel sexy! They are worth the price and will last you years. I made a poor choice with Olive and bought a nursing bra from Target at first and it was AWFUL. It didn’t fit, it dug into me and I was miserable. This company is the BEST. Reference their site for sizing.

Solly Baby Wrap: Out of all the wraps and carriers out there. Solly Baby is by far the best. I love love love them. They are so lightweight and breathable. Easy to tie (once you practice a few times) and the best for living with a newborn on your chest. They have great tips and tricks on their website and Instagram. I highly recommend wrapping your baby for bonding, for your hormones, for them… So many reasons! If I’m going out, I put on the wrap before I get into the car so that way it’s tied and ready to go to just place baby in when we arrive.

Reusable Pads : Lets just be honest, I hate pads. They are the worst ever. But reusable pads are non toxic and really easy to throw in the wash. I’d pick up some to have on hand even if you are using disposable.

Take it a step farther and grab yourself some period undies. Skip the pads altogether and grab a few pairs. Easy to wash and you will use them again in the future. I’d recommend sizing up.

Just buying new underwear, in general is so overlooked! Buy yourself some new panties girl. These True & Co Hipsters from Target are great. Also, a Shop Arq set would be mighty comfortable.

Storq Signature Leggings: They aren’t on the collage above but these are the best pregnancy/postpartum leggings ever. They don’t feel like athletic wear at all and are easy to dress up if you are heading out and want to feel put together. I have two pairs and I just love them! (love all of storq products)

Smooth Move I personally haven’t had an issue with that first poop after birth so many women talk about.. But it happens. It feels scary and instead of taking something harsh, drink a cup of smooth move and it will help a sister out!

A few other things I recommend after birth and in the 4th trimester…..

Going to the chiropractor for you and baby. This really helped Olive when she had colic and helped Pearl when one side of her body was off from birth. If you are having trouble nursing or your baby is favoring one breast get them adjusted! They may be too uncomfortable to turn their head the other way and that’s why they are favoring one side.

Getting your placenta encapsulated and taking the pills every day. (it helps so much and isn’t weird I promise!) The hospital will make you sign some scary form about taking your placenta and consuming it… but find a doula in your area who will dehydrate it and do all the work for you! Your body and hormones will thank you.

Meal Train. I always recommend having a friend set up a meal train for you at a baby shower or something. They are just really helpful! If you don’t have that type of circle, I’d recommend making some freezer meals beforehand with a friend or family member!

Snacks! Lots of your favorite nutrition-packed snacks to have on hand to be able to grab. After both babies, I swear I lived on easy charcuterie type boards. hummus, cracks, raw cheese (usually I don’t eat dairy) , nut butters, Olives… things that are high in fat for my milk supply and easy to grab. I also lived in cut carrots and celery.. I always crave those along with greens. Cows eat grass to produce milk, we should too. Athletic Greens are my favorite and taste sweet, not grassy…

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Im posting this a little early, since I’m not due till October. So if I add anything I will make sure to update and share! Thanks for following along. If you have any must-haves leave them in the comments below!