five things I'm thankful for

hey hey hey! Dusting off the blog to share F I V E things im thankful for. I mean besides the fact that it’s October AND baby month!

  1. Feeling very thankful for quiche. I am so hot and cold with eggs. like repulsed 99.9% of the time by them and go months without eating them. But a local bakery makes the best quiche and I am hooked.

  2. These brisk evenings! They fill my cup up. The windows open, the cool air blowing in. Now if I could only find some non-toxic candles because the diffuser just isn’t the same.

  3. The girls sharing a room! We did it, folks! The girls are in the same room and bedtime takes a little bit longer but I am already thankful for the relationship that is growing between them.

  4. My friends are throwing me a little baby Sprinkle this weekend. Excited to celebrate baby and see everyone since I have been a hermit lately.

  5. Sleepytime herbs! I have been waking up every night for at least 2 hours and it is so frustrating. That pregnancy insomnia was killing me and a sweet friend dropped off this herb tincture and it has helped SO SO much. If you are struggling, I recommend these!

Pictures from our favorite place! Rocky Mountain National Park during my brother’s wedding weekend!