acai bowl heaven

And then the heavens opened  up and made acai bowls. And then acai bowls changed my life. Acai bowls are an acai berry powder mixed with either apple juice or soy milk topped with fresh fruit, granola and honey! We got one almost every single day for breakfast at this small little mexican joint. (odd I know. They also have a pretty killer juice bar) and would come down to the beach to watch the surfers. It was the most amazing little routine. I miss it, waking up and not walking to the beach makes me so sad in the mornings! I have to find a way to get excited about Colorado again. 

If your sitting there like what the heck is an acai berry let me explain. 

An acai berry is found in the amazon. It has more antioxidants than cranberries, blueberries, blackberries and strawberries. It has been used for many healing purposes like immune-stimulating, energy-boosting and is known to support the prevention of diseases associate with oxidative damage. It's known to lower cholesterol in the blood and is also rich in plant sterols. Plant sterols work by preventing blood clots, improving blood circulation and relaxing blood vessels. Thats just a few facts about the delicious acai berry. It has anti-agains effects, detoxes the skin helps with digestion and the list keeps going on and on. 

My next goal is to replicate the acai bowls at home for cheaper! A lot of people said it can't be done but I'm on a mission and amazon is about to become my new best friend. This is one of the reasons I loveeeeeee eating raw! Finding new things to create that taste so delicious you feel like it CANT be good for you, buttttt it totally is incredible for you.