an outfit

Monday was our anniversary and it was the best day ever! The day was filled with super sweet surprises from my cute hubs. If you follow me on Instagram you saw the GORGEOUS bouquet he surprised me with! Well, we love massages and any chance we have we try to get one! Lately we've been trying to save some $$$ so we've been giving each other massages. I know its not his favorite thing to do so even when he massages my shoulders for 10 minutes I feel so loved because I know he would rather not. On Monday he completely blew me away! He bought a massage table (yeah like a real massage table) and had 50 candles lit with rose pedals all over and the diffuser going with essential oils and gave me a massage! It was the most loving thing he could do for me because I truly thought he hated it. I felt so spoiled and I just had to brag on him for a minute! 

 Meanwhile this is easily becoming one of my favorite looks! Slightly sophisticated with a pop of color. I bought this outfit while thrifting (surprise) and have been waiting to wear it for a perfect sunny day. This skirt has the perfect dressed up but still casual look going on and that is what I'm all about these days. Trying without...trying! Oh and It's Ann Taylor and I paid $4 bucks for it!

I just wanted to share this quick and easy look with you all! We leave for California in a exactly one week so I promise to share a few raw recipes before then! 

Shirt/Thrift   Skirt/Thrift  Purse/Thrift  Shoes/Kohl's (love them)  Sunglasses/Target