California from my iPhone

I feel like each year we top the trip we took the year before. Every trip we take is better than the last. California was perfect. When we came home I cried like more than once. At one point we were at the grocery store and Austin was like I don't know how its possible but I feel like we fell even more in love on that trip. Ah goosh! Seven days felt like a month. California really is a dream. Its like Chicago, without the rude people, noise or busyness but just as much stuff to do plus mountains and the beach!! What more can you ask for in life? No but really, what more could you want? Above is just a bunch of random photos from a few hikes we rent on, ramen bowls, farmers market, indo boarding and just straight up chilling. The whole trip was super relaxing yet we somehow we explored everyday. 

p.s sorry for my almost 2 week blogging break! Ah. I even brought my computer so I could blog while I was there. One day ill be smart and pre write posts!